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Leg Tanning

Welcome to Body Effects Studio. Our full service tanning salon offers a variety of tanning booths and high quality tanning products. We have the most advanced tanning beds for absolute great results using both UV and spray tanning.

We are proud to offer Sparta, WI customers the highest quality tanning beds. If you are interested in leg tanning, we have the best tanning beds for your needs. The leg tanner was created to address the needs of customers who want to even the tanning of their legs to match the color of their mid section and face.

This tanning beds concentrate the majority of their light energy towards the legs area. This 12 minute leg tanner is a new way to ensure you get dark sexy legs in just a few quick sessions. Its unique design allows you to tan not only your legs, but feet and ankles as well! Sit back, listen to music or read a magazine while enjoying our all leg tanner.

Many people are loving their results with leg tanning. Our tanning beds are well-maintained and always clean before you step in. Likewise, our booths are inspected and scrubbed before you begin your session. We only want the best for our clients which is why we take these specifications into deep consideration. If you are in need of tanning services, call Body Effects Studio in Sparta, WI for more information.